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Jenn is a master of her craft!  I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions of Reiki which enabled me to totally relax.

Highly recommend, thank you.

- Kathryn Smith, Bank Manager

Jenny creates a rapport and environment that allows me to feel comfortable to be open and honest about the challenges I face in my current role.  Jenny is a fantastic listener and has made me look at myself with clarity and positivity: her guidance has served me well.

- Rob Youhill, College Lecturer

Thank you for a wonderfully grounding yoga session.  I feel calm and have a lovely warm glow after the practice.

- Diane Long, Primary Teacher

A big thank you for organising the yoga classes with Jenny.  I really did get a lot out of them.


- York Carers


The best bit of coaching for me was meeting Jenny.  Having space to discuss issues with someone outside of my organisation so I could find solutions and agree next steps has been great.  The support, a friendly face and a listening ear have been valuable in my development to see my priorities and goals and make me more mindful about my situation. I cannot always control everything but I can certainly influence and manage my own time to suit me better.

- Lisa Davis, Hull College

Jenny is an island of calm in this chaotic storm.

A. Hamblin