• Jenn Carpenter

Yoga is more than an activity

This week, I decided to find out what my yoga students think yoga is. One student said, ‘It’s a stretch class.’ Another said, ‘Yoga is some sort of activity to keep your body working.’ Ok, I said, so what do you actually notice when you’re in a class, or what do you notice after a class? One student said, ‘Well I feel calm at the end, I love the relaxation part, especially now I can do that in the comfort of my own room.’ Another student said, ‘Straight afterwards I feel rested. But the next day I am so full of energy that I can get lots done.’

Yoga definitely has an effect on energy. It can calm you or make you feel invigorated. That's because yoga helps you balance the subtle energy within your body. Subtle energy is also called bioplasmic energy and scientists have actually found this within the human body. You notice it when someone gets a bit too close to you standing in a queue and you feel they've entered your personal space, or energy field.

When you practise yoga, you move and make a conscious effort to connect your breathing to your awareness. The way we breathe affects the nervous system, so breathing into the abdomen can engage a relaxation response. The heart then slows and we find our physical body is taken away from the stress response, which we find ourselves in subconsciously on a daily basis. Because this generates a sense of peace, it changes our subtle energy. People will say how relaxed and at ease you look. You will feel less worried about things. There will be a light or glow about you. This is your subtle energy and it changes daily and even several times a day.










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