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5 reasons why a life coach can help you

We're all familiar with what a coach does in the field of sport. The term 'life coach' is relatively new and those of us who are life coaches have different explanations of what life coaching is. In my experiences of being coached and coaching others, I've found that life coaching is about helping you identify what's going on in your life, whether it's to do with work, relationships or health and well-being. When I talk to clients, they are often feeling ‘stuck’ in their life, they have a sense of restlessness yet can’t put their finger on exactly what that is. They just have a feeling that they need to do something but don’t know what. Terry Cole-Whittaker (in her book What You Think of Me is None of My Business) found that when she worked with clients as a counsellor, many of them really didn’t know what they actually wanted out of their life. A life coach can help you find some clarity with this. Here are my reasons why a life coach could help you start to feel unstuck.

- Reason 1

A life coach can listen to you and report back what they have heard. This makes you stop and think, 'Did I really say that?' And then, 'Did I really mean that?' A life coach acts as a sounding board for your internal thoughts as you verbalise them in a non-judging context.

- Reason 2

A life coach can be your ‘challenging cheerleader‘. She can empathise with your internal wrangling, worries and fears whilst also making you think about your long term beliefs. Often, the beliefs you have of yourself come from what a parent, teacher or significant other has negatively said about you in the past. You hold onto this image of yourself and this can stop you from stepping beyond your current situation.

- Reason 3

Life coaches are knowledgable. An effective life coach has completed training and has recognised qualifications. This means they have an understanding of the human situation, the emotions and feelings that come with being a person. They can see the reasons why you act or think in a certain way and they can offer you suggestions to start to view your life from an objective perspective.

- Reason 4

A life coach can help you prioritise. Life is so hard, complicated and often messy. Sometimes you don’t know where to start to clear this mess. Through focussed questioning, a life coach can help you see the wood for the trees. They can help you take the first and often small but significant step towards your new, brighter future.

- Reason 5

A life coach can help you set goals. Often, people don’t know where they’re going. But they know they need to get somewhere. Goals often start big and a long way off. Through regular sessions, a life coach helps you break down that huge goal and sometimes it changes. As you become more clear about yourself, the way you think, the reasons why you don’t always take action, your resolve and future life comes into touching distance through your own short term actions and decisions.

I have been a critical friend to chat to, a sounding board, a guru and a cheerleader. An effective life coach will adapt themselves to ensure they provide you with the right kind of support and enable you to step out of your uncertainty and into clarity.

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